Shrewsbury Public Schools (Massachusetts)



District Size: 6,114

District Type: Large Suburban


Throughout 2017, a group of Shrewsbury educators and parents representing various professions and work sectors joined together to learn and debate what skills, knowledge, and dispositions Shrewsbury students should attain and develop during their years in our schools. The draft “portrait of a graduate” this working group developed was presented for student, staff, and public comment through a joint meeting of all school councils, a public forum, and through School Committee members bringing the draft to the various school PTOs for discussion. Additionally, an online survey process called Thoughtexchange garnered thousands of comments regarding what topics were most important for our schools (detailed information on the exchange process and the survey data, which was also critical in developing  our Five-Year Strategic Priorities & Goals, can be found at this website).  After further review by the school district’s leadership team and a small number of additions, the final version of the Portrait of a Graduate was formally adopted by the School Committee in December 2017.


  • Critical Thinking & Content Mastery

  • Leadership

  • Global Citizenship & Engagement

  • Innovation

  • Resilience & Focus

  • Collaboration & Communication