Virginia Beach City Public Schools (Virginia)



District Size: 70,121

District Type: Large Urban


Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to stakeholder engagement and participation in the strategic planning and execution process. Sustained efforts at consensus building resulted in a six-year strategic plan that placed 21st century skills on the same playing field as academic proficiency. VBCPS worked to identify the skills that transcended content areas and were relevant throughout a student’s life.

As the final year of Compass to 2015 approached, VBCPS again sought community participation in the strategic planning process through focus groups, a virtual town hall, meetings with internal and external stakeholder groups as well as a community wide survey. This process yielded continued support for their emphasis on 21st century skills and the identification of dispositions critical for student success. The resulting strategic framework, Compass to 2020, builds on the work begun under the prior plan by continuing to integrate 21st century skills into curriculum and teaching frameworks, and it also extends the work by placing students at the center of the learning process and reimagining their role in it.

As part of the strategic planning process, VBCPS identified a set of attributes that they believe are critical for ensuring students are future ready. The profile is intended to inspire, motivate, and guide the work of students, teachers, schools, and the division.


  • Knowledgeable

  • Cross-Culturally Competent

  • Resilient Learners

  • Balanced

  • Personally and Socially Responsible

  • Problem Solvers and Value Creators

  • Thinkers and Inquirers

  • Communicators and Collaborators