We are pleased to present and share often about Portrait of a Graduate. Here’s where you can find us.



Portrait of a Graduate Getting Started Workshops

Ever wanted one day to walk through the design process for Portrait of a Graduate and learn how you can get started? Dates and locations will be posted soon.



EdLeader21 Annual Event

Phoenix, AZ
September 26−28, 2018

All EdLeader21 members, mark your calendars to attend the 2018 Annual Event in Phoenix, AZ, Sept. 26−28, 2018. More information about registration and calls for proposals will be shared in the coming months.


You can find us across the country sharing about Portrait of a Graduate with fellow educators, board members, business leaders, and the community.


NSBA Annual Conference 

San Antonio, TX
April 8, 2018

Is your district preparing students for the challenges they will face in the next 20‒30 years? In this Profile of a Graduate: A North Star for 21st Century District Transformation session, Battelle for Kids and EdLeader21 will explore how school systems across the country are engaging their communities to co-create a shared Profile or Portrait of a Graduate, describing what all students should know and be able to do to succeed in college, careers, and citizenship in the 21st century. Participants will come away with tools and resources to begin engaging their school community in the development and implementation of a Portrait of a Graduate. 

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Educators Connect for Success 

Pre-Conference: Portrait of a Graduate

Columbus, Ohio
June 18, 2018

School systems are strengthened when communities are engaged in shaping the future direction of their schools through the design of a Portrait of a Graduate. Battelle for Kids invites you to attend this exciting pre-conference to learn more about how education leaders across the nation can establish significant engagement and support for a Portrait of a Graduate, a vision for 21st century learning that is locally developed, but globally positioned.

This pre-conference workshop includes three in-depth breakout sessions:

  • Explore the Necessity of Redefining Success for our Schools and our Graduates
  • Create a Portrait of a Graduate: Explore the Design Process
  • You Have a Portrait of a Graduate, Now What?

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