We are pleased to present and share often about Portrait of a Graduate. Here’s where you can find us.


Save the Date! Educators Connect for Success

2019 Annual Event in Columbus, OH

June 10, 2019

June 11-12, 2019


You can find us across the country sharing about Portrait of a Graduate with fellow educators, board members, business leaders, and the community.


NDPN Conference: Constructing Possibilities

October 28–31, 2018
Columbus, OH

Battelle for Kids’ Karen Garza, Jamie Meade, and Stephen Fujii will be presenting two sessions, including:

  • Tapping Our Greatest Resource: Student Empowerment
  • Portrait of a Graduate: A First Step in Transforming Your School System

Attendees will also have the opportunity to tour our Portrait of a Graduate Gallery Walk with Portraits from school systems across the country.

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ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership

November 2–4, 2018
Nashville, TN

Join us for a session, Are Your Preparing All Students for 21st Century Success? Portrait of a Graduate with an Equity Lens, with Steve Holmes, Superintendent of Sunnyside Unified School District. Participants will learn how to engage key stakeholders—particularly those who have been under-represented historically—to develop a Portrait of a Graduate for all students.

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OSBA Capital Conference

November 12, 2018
Columbus, OH

Districts are engaging communities and local businesses to establish a collective vision to redesign their education systems. Join Jamie Meade for “A Vision for 21st Century Learning,” to learn about Battelle For Kids’ framework to support districts in this effort and explore component parts of a Portrait of a 21st Century Educator and a Portrait of a 21st Century Education System.

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OAESA/OASSA Beginning Administrators Academy

December 6, 2018
Columbus, OH

Battelle for Kids’ Jamie Meade will be delivering a keynote on What Every Principal Needs to Know About Accountability, Data, and School Improvement.

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KASS Annual Conference

December 10, 2018
Lexington, KY 

Join Battelle for Kids’ staff (Karen Garza, Jamie Meade, and Mike Nicholson) for the following deeper dives into 21st century education:

  • KeynotePortrait of a Graduate: Envisioning Future-Ready Learners
  • Luncheon AddressTapping Our Greatest Resource: Empowerment
  • Breakout SessionUnderstanding the Why around Developing a Portrait of a Graduate
  • Panel DiscussionYou Have a Portrait of a Graduate, Now What?

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ASCD Empower

March 16–18, 2019
Chicago, IL

Battelle for Kids’ Karen Garza and Jamie Meade will be presenting two sessions with Jeff Brown, Superintendent of Granville EVSD, including:

  • Portrait of a 21st Century Educator: Building an Empowered Workforce
  • Portrait of a 21st Century Educational System: Redefining Success
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